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Class is in session! Lessons are available to book.

Updated: Apr 6

Class is officially in session!

Taking a makeup lesson is the best way to learn new tips or fall in love with a new routine.

With each lesson, you will receive learning materials and tools, practice lashes, brush cleaning soap, and a makeup bag. Lessons also come with a makeup bag clean-out complementary

Lessons are broken down from 101 to 104.

•Makeup 101: This lesson is for the true beginner. You will learn about your skin type, product and tool knowledge, eye shape, and how to do a basic everyday/work look

•Makeup 102: This lesson is the perfect refresher lesson. It’s all about eyes and creating a natural glam look.

•Makeup 103: Are you wanting to learn the trends you see on social media or want to try more technical looks? This is your class.

Makeup 104: This lesson is a special lesson for anyone that wants to learn stage makeup. I will help you create a custom look and a shopping list to recreate what you learn.

To book a lesson a $50 per person deposit is required payable by zelle, cash app ($atemp24), Venmo (ambertemple24).

The price of the lessons are based upon how many people are in the group. A private 1 on 1 class is $250. If you'd like to bring a friend the price is $200 per person. Groups of three are $184 per person. And groups of 4-10 are $150 per person.

When you book your lesson there will be a questionnaire that I would love for you to fill out. I want to know what type of class your'e interested in and please list any special request there.

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